Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Learn Something New Everyday - Days 12 and 13

Day 12 I relearnt something that I knew all along anyway - the laundry does NOT do itself.  Nor does it put itself away or does anybody else apart from me.

Day 13 this is another one I knew but didn't want to admit. I have a serious addiction to Farmville and Frontierville that needs to STOP asap.


I haven't, as yet, recorded any of my lessons onto paper so if I spend a bit less time playing silly addictive games then I might find the time to make a start.

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Lizzie said...

Ha ha! Yes Kerry, I can identify with this... I gave up Farmville because it was swallowing whole evenings up! A friend gave up Facebook altogether, to stop her addiction to a game she kept playing for hours.
Sad, isn't it? It'll be interesting to see how much you can do with the extra time (how about an addiction to scrapping instead?). Of course, I'm addicted to blogging now!