Friday, 3 September 2010

The Month In Numbers

Julie challenged us to blog the month in numbers.

Here is mine.

6 - the number of design team members I chose for the shop

236,017 blackberries picked (well maybe not quite that number lol but it certainly felt like it)

3 sandcastles built on the beach

5 beach huts in a row

5972 - the number of the Hogwarts engine on display in the railway museum at York

£399 - the amount we spent on a new laptop for our daughter as a well done present for passing her A levels with grades of more than she needed for her university place.

1 hour 39 minutes and 28 seconds - the amount of time, according to my phone bill, I spent on the phone trying to sort out a financial problem.

1 comment:

Julie Kirk said...

23-= the number of days it's taken me to leave you a comment! Sorry! I love your beach huts nad sandcastles!

Thanks for playing along in the full spirit of my month in numbers posts. Hope you get time to play again [even if you want to be 23 days late too!].

Julie :-)