Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Operation ~ Change

Things will never be the same.  Life is something that can be cruel, can change things but we have to adapt and sometimes change can be good.

Life has thrown a lot our way this year from grief to job loss to money worries to major building work to fabulous exam results to my eldest moving to university.  All different things which brought different emotions. 

A new kind of normality is now in place which is very different to the old normality but like I said change can be good.  The loft conversion certainly was.  My husband losing his job wasn't so good because it meant that our plans are now on hold as his new job means us making economic changes.  Our daughter is now away at university and hers is the last bedroom in need of an overhaul so there is no rush.  Ideally I would like it done before she comes back for the christmas holidays.

Speaking of which - she went at the weekend.  Not too far, too far to commute but near enough to come home on a weekend if she wants to. 

Her room is slightly bigger than her bedroom at home and she shares a student flat with two other girls.  Their doors open onto a shared kitchen making it nice and sociable.

Something that never changes is the desire of children to collect conkers (horse chestnuts).  My littlest son went to the park with his daddy at the weekend and they returned with some fallen shells which said son had great pleasure in stamping on to open them. 

Another change I need to do is to get this house out of its current state which is closely related to a tip.  First thing though is to get this blocked.

Another change I have decided is that I am giving up on the learn something new everyday thingy.  My heart is no longer in it and I haven't managed to even start putting any of it on paper so I am making my last lesson that it is OK to give up on something if I choose to.  It isn't anything to do with the way Shimelle has taught the course because her daily emails have been a joy to read.  It just isn't for me this time. It is a lifelong course so maybe next year I might do it properly.

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Sian said...

I've seen a couple of people say that they are going to come back to LSNED next year and just pick up where they left off in the same album. I really liked that idea and will do that if JYC gets too much in December - worth thinking about.