Thursday, 23 September 2010


Helicopter taking off that we witnessed this afternoon

Back to the learning process and lesson 20 was that a bit of sunshine works wonders for opening the buds on the flowers in my yard.

Lesson 21 is definitely that I can't leave things until the last minute and I need to be more organised.

Lesson 22 is a personal one as it was the funeral today for a very brave member of our family who will be sadly missed.


Linda Jacobs said...

Love those pansy faces! Even cloudy skies can be beautiful!

EG Wow said...

That was a timely visit by the helicopter. :) The many layers of clouds makes a great backdrop!

Steffi said...

Great photo of helicopter for SWF and I love your photos of flowers.Your roses are so beautiful!

Rune said...

Nice pictures you share with us :)

Anonymous said...

I long for clouds.

Please have a good Friday.

daily athens