Thursday, 18 October 2012

Glossybox October 2012 Review

The October Glossy box has just arrived.  This month the theme is DIY Beauty.

The full contents piccie

and each individual item -

Dr Jart Premium Beauty Balm - This Dr Jart+ BB cream provides high SPF40 protection with anti-oxidents. A slightly glossy, low coverage cream which helps fight ageing. Particularly suitable for those over 30.  Original product £24/40ml. This is 15ml so about £9 in value.  

It actually says The Boots Company on the packaging which I was surprised at.  I tried a little bit and I like it.  It appears quite dark when you squeeze a little out so I was expecting to be a bit oompaloompa like after applying it but I wasn't.  Maybe a little expensive for me to purchase again but if I could afford it I would consider it.

Olay Regenerist 3-Point Treatment Cream Fragrance Free - doesn't really say much on the info card about it. Olay say it is for areas prone to ageing - eyes, jawline and neck.  Original product £29.99/50ml so this 7ml sample tube is worth around £4.19.

I do like Olay products but this is the second month in a row I have received their products. Nevertheless I will use it.

Skinetica Anti-Blemish - A unique solution for clearing skin blemishes, showing results in 2-3 days. Kind to skin with no side effects. Original product £6.99/100ml.  There is no size on this product but it isn't very big - maybe 10 or 15ml so less than a £1 worth.

I do get blemishes every so often so I will definitely be finding a use for this and if it works as it claims then I may buy the full size for my teenagers.

Anatomicals - Don't Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It Body Scrub - A pink grapefruit body scrub that buffs with a bravura sense of charm and wit. Original product £3.49/200ml so this 75ml sample is worth £1.30. 

Nothing special when I tried it on my hand but it will go into the bathroom with the other shower products that we use in the bath (no shower in our house :( ) I've no idea what bravura means - maybe it just means brave.  I've purposely not linked up to their website because it goes through a film sequence thing at the beginning that gets stuck.

Yves Rocher France - Moisturising Cream Lipstick - Couleurs Nature Framboise - Perfect coverage from the first application: a smooth, supple luminous film covering the lips. Full size product worth £14.50

Now Yves Rocher is a company I used to buy quite a few things from.  They had some great offers but they kind of tailed off a bit so it is nice to see them back.  This product however is not me in the slightest little bit.  It's bright red and definitely not a colour I will use so if anybody fancies swapping for something a little less bright please get in touch (
The call centre for Yves Rocher used to be quite close by and I knew people who used to work there. It always used to make me laugh when I had cause to ring them. The operators had to talk with a french accent.

My Verdict - I'm not disappointed with this box but definitely not thrilled either though. Maybe if the lipstick had been a more muted shade and they hadn't sent Olay for the second month in a row it would be a different verdict.


Sophie said...

this is so much better than the she said beauty box i received...I was so disappointed - just wrote a review if you fancy reading it xxx

Anonymous said...

I would love to swap for your lipstick, I got the Couleurs Nature Yves Rocher Lipstick and this colour does not suit me at all.


Marisa Jade said...

I wish I'd of got the lipstick in mine!

The review of my box is here: