Friday, 30 July 2010

Rudely Awoken By The ......


I had one of those nights last night where you wake up and just can't get back off to sleep. You know the sort I mean? Very annoying when it happens. 

I kept hearing a vehicle going backwards and forwards down the rabbit warren of streets near us and was really surprised when I looked out of the window to see the rare sight of a milkman driving up and down delivering his goods.  I didn't know there was much call for people having milk delivered any more with the commercially available cartons etc but obviously people still use this dying service.  Supporting their local businesses which is a good thing.

We always used to have our milk delivered when we were kids. It was the done thing then because there weren't the big supermarkets or even the cartons we have now.  I bet not that many kids would know what a milkman is now.

My clearest memories of having milk delivered are of waking up to bottles like this on a winters morning

and also the holes we found in the top of the silver caps due to this happening.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Steam Engine Skywatch

During the summer a steam engine is stopping at our local station three days a week.  Today we had a walk round to see it.  I'm thinking next time I will get a better vantage point and hopefully next week my skywatch picture will be better. 

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Blackberry Spotting

I spotted these little beauties at the park the other day and couldn't resist using the hipstamatic app to give them this effect with no effort whatsoever.

We haven't really been out and about this week yet but now I know they are starting to ripen I think I will have to make sure I have a bag in my bag for just in case we spot any.  I haven't picked blackberries since I was a child.  We lived in a village where there were lots of fields and woodland nearby and I will always remember going to collect them. Lots of prickles, lots of scratches but lots of fun.  My mum used to make a small mountain of jam with our pickings not to mention all the crumbles and pies.  I want my kids to make a memory for themselves of similar things so I am on the lookout.  Maybe even strawberry picking too.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Like A CJ But Knitting - YAY

I've just signed myself up for something that is the knitting equivalent of  a Circle Journal for scrappers.  The scarf journey or travelling scarf is a scarf that is knitted in round robin style just like you complete a page in a CJ.  Each person knits a portion of the scarf and at the end you get 10 or so contributions to your starting work.  I'm really looking forward to it and am dusting off my stitch dictionary to brush up on some of the lovely lacy/cable/other patterns in there. 

I'm told we can pick the yarn to send round so it is all the same or we can ask for a particular shade or we can have an anything goes scarf. A bit like the older Doctor Who actors.  I'm unsure yet what I am going to do but I'm siding with the idea of providing the yarn and then at least I know it will go with the clothes I have.

It should be really interesting seeing so many other peoples' work just the same as with a CJ. It starts in September so watch out for updates on what I do.

For anybody in the UK who is on Ravelry and interested the group is here

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Summer School Holidays

So the long summer holidays have started. 6 weeks of no compulsory early mornings and making sure everything is organised. We can stay in pjs for as long as we like, eat when we like and do what we like. 

I have a complete blank canvas this time apart from two dental appointments, one play date with our autism group and one kids party.  We aren't having a holiday which will be the first time in a lot of years so the holidays will definitely seem longer. As with most kids, mine thrive better on routine and structure so I have provided them with a list of 'maybe' places to visit and things to do and they have added their own.  They understand that a lot of things will be dependent on the weather and the list will be flexible based on that. There will be days when we do nothing and days that are full, days that are fraught with anxiety and days that are fun but those are the highs and lows of the summer holidays.

I bought a few bits and pieces from the Summer Crafting event last weekend at Doncaster to fill the boredom.  My little one has such fun doing crafty things so it should be money well spent.    

Friday, 23 July 2010

Not Suitable For Little Or Sensitive Ears

This entry is definitely not suitable for small ears or those sensitive to a bit of outspokenness

BULLSHIT - according the urban dictionary this is what it means

A statement made without regard for its truth, accuracy, or veracity. A bull shit statement is distinguished from a lie because a lie is a knowing falsehood, while bull shit simply does not care whether it is true or false.

Over the years I've learnt to spot the bullshitters after having one or two friends in my twenties who were professionals at speaking the language of bullshit.  I've learnt to take what some people say with a pinch of salt and not take anything they say seriously. Some of the crap that leaves their mouths though makes me think OMG what planet are you on.  The thing that makes me laugh is that people are suckered into the tales they tell too. 

An absolute classic the other day that I chuckled about for a while afterwards was a lady telling a group of people in the playground about a new top she was wearing.  It slipped so easily from her tongue that it was x size but she obviously didn't know that the label was sticking out of the back and the very snugly fitting new top was x size plus a few more sizes.  The only people these bullshitters are kidding are themselves.

This statement on the picture below is  true.  They have done it for so long that it just tumbles out of their mouth and they believe it themselves.

Then there are the 'victims' in life.  Always complaining about anything and everything. Everything that happens to them is always worse than the same thing happening to anybody else with the same degree of intensity. 

Or those who always have to go one better about whatever you are talking about and turn the conversation around so it focuses on them.  This one really ticks me off.

Rude ignorants who insist on walking two or three in a line across the pavement (sidewalk) and don't move when somebody wants to walk in single file past them.  The older generation are the worst for this.  I sometimes wish I still had a pram to jab into their ankles.

The last one that I would love to punch in the face are the piss takers.  The ones who take advantage of situations for their own gain.  The ones who never say please and thankyou. The ones who will let you hold the door open in a shop and never even acknowledge you.  The ones who make an appointment to come to your house and then never show up. Twice I had that happen to me with the same person over the last month.  Inconvenience to me as I had things to do that didn't involve waiting in so now that person will not be getting my order for the goods I wanted.

I could go on and on but I'm not perfect myself so I won't.  I just don't talk bullshit and make up lies.  White lies maybe if it stops a situation getting out of hand but not blatant made up bullshit to get attention.

Just an insight into what ticks me off about people in general.

Thursday, 22 July 2010


A very quick one this week which was taken as we were walking past a church earlier today. The skies have been quite dark today so the darkness the Hipstamatic effect has given it is quite apt.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Next Step In Our Mission

The next step in our mission to get sorted out after the loft conversion is to get the boys room sorted out.

This room was the room all three boys slept in before the loft conversion and originally looked like this with the little ones bed stopping the door from shutting. 

Now it is empty it seems so much bigger.  It will eventually, once finished, be for our 14 year old and 6 year old sons.  The 12 year old gets his own but that is another story.  Might not seem fair but there are reasons.

Where the wardrobe was on the first picture had to be taken up with the turn of the staircase but the builders made us a little cupboard out of the space which will come in handy for clothes.

As they differ in age so much it is going to be very simple decor (well until the bunk beds clutter it up again). That dark blue is going to take a lot of covering. I have gone for pale blue walls with a slight football theme as they both have a common interest but not over the top because obviously 14 year olds don't want themed rooms.  A picture or two and his Leeds United calendar plus maybe some lights or bunting but that is as far as it goes.  Oh and the little one is having football bedding but the older one is having something more inkeeping with his age. I'm going to try and keep as much clutter out of the room as possible which may well involve a few trips to the tip but shhhhhh.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I bought a really cheap budget rose from B&Q a few weeks ago in the hope that the dogs wouldn't go near it because of the thorns.  I wasn't expecting much from it and the bugs have eaten a good proportion of the leaves.  I certainly didn't expect it to grow so quickly and bloom so beautifully.  Roses aren't something I like the smell of very much. All that messing about as a child making rosewater put me off the scent for life.  These don't smell so bad though and I am definitely going in search of some companions for this bush.  I might even try a climber suitable for a pot as we have no earth to plant anything in.

The bees love them.  My photography skills aren't good enough to get a decent picture of one but I had a go.  You can just about see it.

This is what it was after inside the rose.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Design Team Call

Do you fancy having a play with some of the new release Primas when they come out?  If you do then hop over to my shop blog where I have put out a design team call.  Submissions are until 15th August so lots of time yet. 

While I am talking about my shop, not something I do as a rule on here, I might as well promote the sale which ends on 31st July and the blog challenge which also ends on 31st July - you could win a Magnolia Ink magazine this month.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Mission Accomplished

The whole purpose of the building work we had done was so the boy could have his own space which he has so desperately needed. 

He didn't want to go into the loft because of the noise when it is windy and rainy so we moved up there.

We have decorated our old room for him and he moved in there earlier this week.  It isn't finished yet because a lot of his stuff is in boxes in his old room and the furniture needs replacing.  Those brown drawers are the most hideous and noisy piece of furniture ever and will be replaced asap along with the 80s wardrobe.

Thursday, 8 July 2010


A very quick one with the hipstamatic app on my phone whilst I was out today.

Thursday, 1 July 2010


A view from the loft window.

I'm loving the beautiful sunsets we can now see from being slightly higher than most of the other residents in the street.

Decorating is ongoing.  The loft is finished (piccies another day) and our old bedroom is currently a mix of a dressing room/decorating store.  I'm hoping that will be finished by the end of next week.