Tuesday, 31 December 2013


The review of the year that is. My feedly thingy has been full of rather full on reviews of everything the people I followed encountered and to be honest my life isn't that interesting that I need to do a full on pictures and everything one. It happened, I learnt a lot about myself and other people and now we are on the cusp of another year. 

2013 started with my husband a day out of surgery and in a lot of pain for the first few days into it. He recovered and got back into his running. He even managed two 10k races which was a definite highlight. One kid had a broken finger and another had a broken knee (let's just call it that because the actual fracture of his patella sleeve was much more complicated than just a plain old broken knee cap) during the year. I had the bloody scare with the lump under my arm and we even encountered hand, foot and mouth disease. The autism reared it's ugly head on more occasions than I'd like, we are still no further on with CAMHS than we were apart from an appointment with the person in charge after my complaint and a further appointment with a psychotherapist who put us on a waiting list for something I'm not comfortable with but hey ho they are supposed to know best. 8 years we've been at this lark now with them. All I can say is thank chuff there is a fantastic local support group just for parents of autistic kids run by people who work within an autistic resource. 

The absolute highlight of 2013 was when we had a very proud mummy and daddy moment as our daughter graduated from university and then went straight back again in September to start a teaching degree. So much work but so much reward knowing she has a career in front of her. 

Our lives changed when we got the kittens in September. They're still up to mischief and mayhem but so loving at the same time. We'll just forget that one of them got inside the cat litter bag the other day and did a whoopsie in it rather than the tray. 

Baby number 2 turned 18. I don't know how that happened but it did and we now have two adult kids to be very proud of.  We visited several potential universities over the autumn and he's been offered a place at all 5 he eventually applied to (dependent on grades achieved).  He has some big decisions to make soon. 

My professional life has taken me in ways I didn't expect. I have two volunteer roles which I don't really want to go into detail about except to say I'm enjoying the challenge that comes with more responsibility. In the case of one I have done a full year and a term of the added responsibility after 20+ years of being just a member of the team and whilst it has been difficult at times not to take the back seat and let things be run how they used to be, we've come through it and I'm happy with the way I'm doing things. 

My professional working life took an unexpected turn after finding out about a local craft fair running once a month and being accepted onto it. I've met some wonderfully talented people through this and whilst the fairs aren't going to be as often in 2014 due to the shopping centre they were held in deciding to alternate them with car boot sales in their car park I've picked up links to other places. I've learnt what does and doesn't sell and have so many ideas in my head for 2014. Royal Mail changed their package system in dramatic fashion which buggered up the success of some of my best selling items and I had cause to rethink a few products. That thinking in place has given me ideas for 2014 which I would probably have bypassed this time last year. 

One last thing - bloody Facebook! I have a love hate relationship with it but have definitely downscaled my use this year. Yes I've put meaningless nonsense about reality tv and other things but not on the scale of in the past. It is useful for so many things with genuinely nice people and I've met some of those this year especially at a local knitting group so I'm not giving up on it.  What I've realised this year is that I really need to hit the delete button on so many drama queens only interested in themselves and not in how people can help with the question they've asked or situation they're moaning about. I think I've maybe either grown up (yes I'm 42 I should have done that already) or just realised that I can take a back seat and watch the car crashes happen. They do on a regular basis to these drama queen attention seeking esque people.  Some people just thrive on attention I guess and it's funny to watch.  

Hope you've had a good 2013 and have an even better 2014. 

I don't have goals specifically for new year this time because they don't work. I have one or two things in mind but they won't be started in 1st January so I can't fall into the trap.