Saturday, 30 July 2011

Week In The Life Day 4

Still here and still remembering to take piccies for Week In The Life

Day 4 (thursday) and this is a glimpse into it.

definitely not the time I got up but the clock with the time/date/temperature on

morning cuppa

a bit of Mario Cart

new net curtains for the bathroom

STILL NO STAIR CARPET (yes I'm shouting that because it is peeving me at the moment)

new American Crafts scrapbook album.  I've only ever had post bound ones before so D ring is exciting

Daisy dog + grotty kitchen floor which badly needs replacing

view from the loft window

waiting for the steam train again

a berry tree at the train station

strange child who pretended he was a dog for a lot of the afternoon

on the way to the baths for a swimming lesson

I did a sneeky pic with this one as you aren't really supposed to take photos in the baths.  Found a new photography app called Camera+ and it is fab.  Loving the frame on this one.

Week In The Life Day 3

Are you still playing along with Week In The Life?

Errrm Day 3 fell a bit flat and I didn't take very many photos but here is what I did take

very messy house - see what I mean about the clutter I mentioned in earlier posts

not sure how it changed to a strange lens but here is me cleaning mould off the bathroom walls

spraying some book print to make yet more flowers for the shop (not finished yet so they will be coming soon)

Filled the car up with petrol and I was naughty by using my phone at the petrol station.  That readout says £62.73! That is definitely the most I have ever put in it.  I asked my middle son to take a picture of the board with the price per litre on it as we drove away but he didn't realise that with hipsta you have to let the picture develop before you click off the app so it didn't produce a pic.  Anyway for the record it was 133.7p a litre.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Week In The Life Day 2

So here is a glimpse into day 2 in Week In The Life

sun tan lines from wearing his shorts most days to school

A steam train puffs its way into a local station certain days in the summer and my little man found a Hogwarts carriage

back home for bacon sandwiches

those towels I washed yesterday are now a small mountain.

new crochet book

recycling day

yoyos for the shop

bedtime today

FO Friday & Week In The Life Day 1

I have some crochet for FO Friday (finished object Friday for those not familiar with the term).

They are from a block a month group on Ravelry.  I definitely need some practice with blocks, as you can see from how crap these are, so I thought it would be a good way of learning new stuff.  For lots of much better finished objects than mine head on over to Tami where the FO Friday is hosted.

So here are my attempts

Hands up if you are doing the Week In The Life project run by Ali Edwards.  I had really good intentions with the documenting part of this but since it is the first week of the school holidays here in England I ended up bypassing the actual writing part and have just gone with the photographing.  I decided I would mainly use the Hipstamatic app on my iphone since it is better than the actual phone camera and using my phone is so much easier than taking the camera everywhere.  So here is Day 1 (Monday yeah I know it is Friday lol)

Up at 730ish

Post Office run with Ebay parcels

a bit of guitar hero (yes in his pjs)

lots and lots of towels to wash

having to hook the wii remote out of the side of the tv cabinet with a meat fork

we went to the library and joined little man on the summer reading challenge

went on the bus to a local shopping centre for

new trainers

made a very fattening cheesecake

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Scrap The Boys

I discovered a fab challenge blog this week called Scrap The Boys

This month the challenge is to use tape and the word Play.

Here is my take on it - I used masking tape in two corners of the photo.

and my skywatch photo for this week which is the camera man from the races we went to.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Racing Day The Cheap Way

We are lucky enough to have a park nearby which is also a horse racing venue.  Little man has never been to the races so we went for a visit but to the park and not the grandstand ie for free.

We took a picnic and a football and waited for the horses to come thundering by.

Luckily for us the next race was starting from where we were walking to so we hung about to see the horses going in the stalls and setting off.  Little man had a snack while we were waiting.

The grandstand was packed

I don't know if you can see it from this picture but this particular horse had a union jack shaved into it's hind quarters.

and just after this picture this horse lifted it's tail and pooped right in front of us. NICE!!