Thursday, 12 February 2015

C is for ....

Not a lot really.  It should be a kick up the bum with this project!

I had a bit of a list of food, chocolate, cheese and cake. What's not to love about those three things? I planned to make chocolate cakes. Never really happened. I made a yummy cheesecake but forgot to take a picture. Bought a Columbian coffee cake which was amazing 

I took some cold pictures  at the allotment 

My C son had a go at being a cowboy at my sister's party

Cats - not a popular c word at the moment - scratching anything and everything at the moment so I got a new scratching post in the hope that my stair carpet can have a rest from their claws. Look at the state of the settee arm in the foreground!

I'll be back with D in two weeks