Thursday, 24 September 2009


Daisy has a massive case of PMT. Except it is carrying on right through her season by the looks of it. Poor girl doesn't know what to do with herself. Almost 6 months to the day since her last one too so I suppose she is at least a regular girl.

This elderly gentleman has been getting braver and braver and will now actually come into the house. Only a few steps in but it is progress. He sits on the fence for hours teasing the dogs because he knows they can't reach him. Can't believe I used to struggle to get him out of the house when he was younger.

Jeanne - the sock from yesterday was Cabletini by Wendy Johnson

Well according to my husband yesterday I should have written Mighty Leeds taking on Liverpool not the other way round lol.


Tina said...

aah bless her My dog was the same.. hope she soon feels better

Jeanne said...

Sorry Daisy isn't feeling well - hope she feels better soon!

Your cat is such a the markings.

Thanks for the link - will have to add that to the queue!

Mole said...

Aw, poor Daisy!