Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Learn Something New Everyday

I have signed up for a scrapbook class in the hope of getting myself a big kick up the backside into actually doing some scrapping for a change instead of just looking at it.

The general idea is to learn something new about yourself/your surroundings every day.

My learning yesterday was something I wasn't really expecting. A broken teenager's brace over the weekend meant a phone call to the dental hospital yesterday morning after the bank holiday. Having no car this week meant having to use public transport and our legs. I absolutely hate buses, they are smelly, stomach churning and for some reason despite the sun blazing through the window they had the heating on yesterday making it even worse. (yes I'm a snob).

What I wasn't expecting though was how often they run and how refreshing it was to walk the distance to the hospital instead of just getting out of the car and walking 5 minutes to the appointment. The walk seemed to take forever in the hot sun but yes I enjoyed it.
Coming back was like a different season - the heavens opened, the winds were bordering on gale force and it was thundering and lightening. Despite not having raincoats for any of us and getting soaked and blown about I actually enjoyed the walk back to the bus station. Even the bus didn't seem that bad.

Pic taken with my phone while I was walking so very blurry.

My lesson for yesterday was not to rely on using the car all the time and the alternatives can be pleasant if you allow them to be.


Polly said...

As a transport planner, I think that's a great lesson. It's kind of my job to encourage people to use sustainable transport on the basis that it's never as bad as they think so you're living proof that I'm not wasting my time!

Well done, can't wait to see you page for today.

Angie said...

Ah you know how those of us get around, who dont drive lol.
I have never worked out the heater thing . It was worse when we lived in the Croydon area ...I used to nearly pass out on the way home ... but up here in Fife, it still sometimes happens. Have fun with your class ....maybe I should do one!