Thursday, 10 September 2009

OK Then

According to the counter at the side I seem to have had over 11,000 readers in the last couple of days. That counter said around the 200 mark on monday. Think something may be amok there as I am just a boring housewife writing a boring blog which my husband thinks is sad so no way would that many people visit. The counters must be playing up.

Learning something every day update:

Monday 7th September was to expect the unexpected and never take things for granted.

Tuesday 8th September was that it is still as emotional when your 3rd child starts high school as when your first two start.

Wednesday 9th September was relearning that the first few days of term are very tiring for the kids and tantrums are inevitable

Today - 10th September is learning that, since my 3 day delivery dryer that was ordered on friday still hasn't arrived, then the glorious sunshine we have been having the last few days should be embraced and put to good use with hanging the washing out.


Chris T said...

Great photo Kerry! Hope the drier arrives soon.

Angie said...

I have to say that I dont have drier ...just the line and an airer ...not forgetting the radiators in the winter lol ...the line is the best...when its not raining

Cookie said...

Wonderful photo!

Maybe you've cornered the market on lurkers. ;^)

Lady Hopwood said...

Husbands and blogs really don't go together :-)

Maybe there are 1000 people currently linking back you you and recommending that people visit.... or your blog counter is kn*ack*r*d.... :-)

Julia Dunnit said...

Fab photo! I would embrace the counter too- what the hell, your life isn't boring, I check in often. Although not 9999 times a week!! My DD has started college..I'm struggling with the independence side of it and she truly is a pooped as if she were 4 years old and back in the first day of reception!