Thursday, 3 September 2009

Lessons Learnt

My lesson learnt for 2nd September is that boys are so much easier to shop with for school shoes than girls. I must admit I was very tempted to get my phone out and take a pic of the 'diva' near us in the shop surrounded by piles of boxes of shoes and none were 'right'. My boys didn't care as long as they fit and they were school shoes. Hush Puppies are a fab alternative to Clarks as they fit them and won't sell shoes for kids to you unless they are fitted properly by one of their staff.

Lesson learnt today (3rd September) is that our new hospital is opening at the beginning of the year and walking past it this morning I found out where the new emergency department is going to be situated. Always handy to know especially when you have kids.

I also learnt that an umbrella is useless in the wind and that loose paving stones are mud hazards that spray mud all over your shoes and jeans. Not a good look when you are just about to go see the paediatrician.


Julia Dunnit said...

You've had a busy day! The leson about the mud and jeans and wind and umbrellas? Not really learned - you'll try it again and it'll happen again!

Angie said...

I remember ao well the tantrums I had with DD because she had no choice of shoe ... she was a very wide fitting.