Friday, 11 September 2009

Double Ender

Today I learnt that taking my two dogs for a walk doesn't have to be so hard.

They are pullers and I have tried just about every product out there to try and stop them. A Halti body harness seemed to work until Daisy started rubbing against every house we went past and it frayed. We are back to Halti head collars which I think are better than anything else.

As a last resort I bought a lead where they can both be attached to. I bought it without much confidence and that I would be pulled even harder. I was wrong. This is fantastic and it is made by the Halti people. Don't get me wrong they still both want to do their own thing but if one goes in one direction then the other has to follow so no red marks on my fingers from their leads.

Hope it carries on working.

Another lesson I relearnt this morning is not to go to the park in flip flops while there is still dew on the grass. I thought I would have learnt that lesson by now but obviously not and I dare say I will do it again.


Julia Dunnit said...

Aargh..I hate wet feet in sandals or flip's one of my irritants!! I'd have done the same though. And blamed the dogs!!

Jeanne said...

That lead is a great idea!