Friday, 25 September 2009


The scarf I mentioned last week hasn't been out of my knitting bag again until today. I think I'm going to plod on with the yarn I am using. It came from India via Ebay and is sari silk and really soft but it doesn't seem to have had enough twist added when it was spun and keeps snapping. My lesson for today is to be gentler with my yarn and it won't snap as much.

Oliver's new home - top of the barbecue. He spends ages just sat there. I think it's because he is actually nosey and can see us through the kitchen window but more importantly can see if the dogs are going out and can give himself enough time to hop it up onto the fence.

I've just discovered a great website - Skywatch Friday This is the first friday sky of autumn. Thick cloud with no breaks or hints of sunshine.


Angie said...

Love the colour of your yarn will be a gorgeous scarf.
Oliver has such character in his face him.

Julia Dunnit said...

Pretty pattern for the scarf though - good for you for perservering! Skies here are clear and blue still, it'sbeen lvoely. I know it's luck!

Jeanne said...

The sari silk yarn you are using looks different than the one I tried a few years ago - mine was strips of material knotted together. I like yours better - very pretty! Hope that it cooperates with you and you finish the scarf!