Thursday, 3 May 2012

She Said Beauty Box May 2012

She Said Beauty for May arrived today. 

Yes  if you are here for the crafting or the skywatch pictures you can give a big yawn right now and I promise this is it for beauty reviews for a while.

Anyway if you are here to see what was in the box then you can be yawn free and read on.

Inside the box:

and the individual contents

The Vintage Cosmetic Company False Lashes Gracie
Very pretty packaging but I just won't use them.

Kim Kardashian Eau De Parfum
3ml rollerball. Unfortunately I can't get the rollerball to dispense any scent.  There is definitely some in there because I can smell it and hear it when I shake it but I just can't get to it.  From what I can smell it is gorgeous so once I work it out I am looking forward to trying it properly.

Inika Certified Vegan Lip Whip
I received the peach shade.  There were 4 different ones.  I've tried it and ooooh yummy is the verdict.  Just a small amount of colour which is great for daytime use.  I like that it doesn't feel sticky like some lip glosses can.  It is a full size product at 8ml which costs £14.30. If I were vegan etc then I might consider it but I'm not and I can't justify buying it again.

Natio Lotus Soap
One of a trio set which comes in at £8.50 for the three. I got just the one but it is a large sized bar and smells lovely.  Definitely will be used.

Green People SPF 15 with tan accelerator
Sun lotion with a weird scent.  I honestly can't describe it.  It isn't like any sun lotion I've ever smelt before. Maybe it is the tan accelerator. I've not smelt one of those so I don't know.  It isn't unpleasant just weird.  Ideal size for the handbag or car.

Snowberry 3 Samples
I got samples of Bright Defence Night Cream, Intensive Renewal Face Serum and Nourishing Rich Day Cream.  I've not heard of Snowberry before but the name made me smile which can't be a bad thing.  Looking forward to using them.

So my verdict on this - Again a box I have mixed feelings about.  Not happy about the eyelashes but they are popular right now.  Just not for me I'm afraid.  Not happy about the rollerball on the scent not working but the scent itself seems nice.  The rest are OK. Not what I would buy so it is nice to try them. 

I've tried Glossybox, Luxbox and now this.  To be honest I think there hasn't been much between all three based on their last boxes and in the case of luxbox their first.  I liked some products from all of them but not all and some I definitely won't use or were unsuitable for my skin despite filling in a beauty profile in the case of Glossybox.  I have now cancelled Glossybox and Luxbox. Luxbox took their next payment before the first box which I think is rather cheeky.  I don't know whether I will get a refund for that with cancelling or whether I will just get the next one and nothing after that.  I'm in two minds about She Said Beauty. The eyelashes have definitely put me off and I think they had them in their first box two months ago before I subbed so they seem to like them. 



Maria Ontiveros said...

I like branching out occasionally and reading about other things besides photography and scrapping. One of my favorite blogs is called "Hello Beauty." It's definitely worth checking out.

Beauty Balm said...

you should try Amarya, Joliebox or Amitee. Looks a good box but with you on the lashes! x